31 comments on “RSPCA My pocket pets from WOW toys. Review and Competition.

  1. My oldest would love these. He loves anything like this that he can really use his imagination with. Then in a years time he can pass them to his brother to play with :0)

  2. Aww How cute my little nephew is at the age where he is begining to dicover and enjoy toys, id love these little cuties to give to him….. thankyou xxxx also ive tweeted @halenmo

  3. My 2 year old daughter loves animals and really likes little toys she can put in her pocket or carry in her back pack so she would love these.

  4. My little boy loves animals he’s always singing Old MacDonald had a farm so I know he would love this!

  5. My 2 daughters would love these. Ever since we visited Edinburgh Zoo last Easter, they are animal mad! We will be visiting a local farm this Easter and hopefully see some baby animals! We have loads of pets from cats to dogs and bunnies so animal mad in our household!

  6. My little girl would love these – anything dinky and cute and it becomes an instant favourite. She is always carrying around little animal toys and trinkets and wanting to take them into pre-school for show and tell!

  7. My son would like thse as he likes little things he can keep in his pocket and coat and keep on him at all times!

  8. our daughter is just getting into playing with animals, so would love to win these for her

  9. My little man would LOVE these. He started nursery last week and id love him to know more animals to show his new friends ! 🙂 xx

  10. My granddaughter Amelia is 18 months old, and at the moment is learning all the animal names. It is so lovely to hear her going through her books and being able to name so many creatures in them. She would love a couple of ‘manimals’ of her own 😀 x

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